YES. You will need a passenger Age 14+ to compete with you in the sport.

YES. You will need at least a MotorSport UK “RS Clubman Licence” for both driver and your passenger. To renew or apply for a new licence, please follow the link https://rsclubman.motorsportuk.org

YES. You need to belong to a recognised club. Membership of the BTRDA will suffice for both of you, and the BTRDA offer a passenger only membership for just £5. https://btrda.com/membership/

NO. Sporting Trials cars are built for the purpose, if you were thinking of building one or would like to check if a car is elidgible please go to the MotorSport UK blue book for more information. https://www.motorsportuk.org/resource-centre/#yearbook

We advise that you do take part in a training day before competing, you’ll learn huge amounts that will keep you safe and make you more competitive.

YES. You will receive training on the day, and it’s an excellent way to get involved in the sport, get to know some of the drivers and the characters involved.

YES. We welcome spectators. There are very few other forms of motorsport that you can safely get so close to the action.

YES. We very much encourage photographers on the condition that they share any great pictures with us to use on this site and on our social channels.

You can find a list of regional people involved with Sporting Trials https://sportingtrials.co.uk/contact-us There is also a list of motor clubs involved with Sporting Trials here ….