Bricknell trickles sublimely into top spot at the Walsingham.

Tom Bricknell's amazing run of form continues as he drops points on just 3 of the 24 hills competed on to finish on 7, Alan Murton also drove almost flawlessly to drop just 17 amd Matt Sharp making the trip south from Yorkshire finished off the top 3 on 21 points.

1 Thomas Bricknell 7

2 Alan Murton 17

3 Matt Sharp 21

4 Peter Fensom 27

5 Richard Sharp 29

6 Ian Veale 32

7 Josh Veale 33

8 Andy Wilkes 36

9 George Watson 37

10 Stuart Beare 42





Sporting Trials is the ultimate development of a 2-Wheel drive car and is as unique as a motor sport can get. Unlike most motor sports, sporting trials is not about speed, but combine momentum, throttle control and choice of line and you have a very entertaining, challenging and competitive day.

The driver’s aim in a Sporting Trial is to drive as far as you can over a laid out section without stopping, the passenger can help progress greatly, by the transfer of weight from one side of the car to the other.

We believe in building a supportive and friendly community for Sporting Trials and organising a championship of events taking place in some of the most stunning parts of the country, that are both competitive and fun.