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Sporting Trials Car Specifications - Motorsport UK Blue Book

The Blue Book, as it is referred to in motorsport circles is the comprehensive “Go To Book” for rules covering every form of motorsport governed by Motorsport UK. The book includes many useful points, including sporting trials car specification, requirements for certain classes and how the scoring system works at a Sporting Trial.

A competition Sporting Trials car needs to conform and comply to the specifications set out in the MotorSport UK Blue Book. If you are new to the sport, would like to understand the governing rules, are building your own car or would like to check that your car conforms to current rules, then please follow the link to the Blue Book below, the Specific Regulations on Trials (Section T) starts at Page 361.

If you are interested in buying a car then get in touch with the names below. They usually have their hands on the pulse with regard to cars that may currently be on the market and often have cars for sale themselves. 

Its also a great idea to add yourself to the Sporting Trials facebook pages. For sale cars are usually advertised there.

Sporting Trials Facebook Page

BTRDA Sporting Trials Championship Page

Sporting Trials Cars and Spare Parts Page

Sporting Trials Car Dealers

Sporting Trials cars are pretty specialist bits of kit, they sometimes turn up on Ebay, but for the most part they change hands within the Sporting Trials community.

Currently the best people in the sport to contact if you’re looking for a sporting trials car are:-

Ian Wright. South East. 07850 486888 [email protected]

Bill Rhodes. North West. 07969 368385

Josh Veale. Midlands. 07769 801684 [email protected]